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BRIMSON, MN – Five railroad workers were injured in a head-on collision between two Canadian National ore trains in Brimson, Minnesota, an unincorporated community in Ault Township.

Two Canadian National ore trains collide head-on injuring 5 railroad employees in Brimson, MN.

The train crash occurred in a section of tracks about 15 miles north of Two Harbors, MN on Thursday evening, September 28, 2010 at about 4:00 p.m. off Lake County Road 14 near Highland Lake.

Brimson is in St. Louis County, Minnesota in the northeastern part of the state about 27 miles northwest of Two Harbors and about 44 miles northeast of Duluth.

Fortunately, no one was killed in the mishap, but injuries to railroad employees were serious enough for them to be transported to area hospitals. Two were taken to a hospital in Two Harbors, and three were taken to a hospital in Duluth.

Location of ore train crash near Highland Lake about 15 miles north of Two harbors, MN.

Three of the injured railroad workers were in one train and two were in the other train. The extent of their injuries is not known. The three that went to Duluth Hospital were expected to remain in the hospital, but the two who were taken to Two Harbors hospital were expected to be released soon.

The crash involved two Canadian National ore trains. One of the trains was heading north with 118 empty cars. The other train was heading south on the same tracks with 116 cars and three locomotives. The southbound train was heading to Two Harbors ore docks and was loaded with iron ore pellets.

Three engines derailed in the mishap. Reports vary as to the number of cars that derailed. One report said that as many as 15 of the loaded cars and two of the empty cars derailed while another report said that it was 8 loaded cars and 5 empty cars that derailed. The impact left ore cars piled on top of each other.

Heavy lifting equipment would be needed to clean up the mess and to put the three derailed engines back on the tracks. Cleanup crews were expected to work all night trying to get the wreckage picked up and cleared away.

At this point it is unclear what caused the two trains to collide. Investigation into the cause began immediately.

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