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CROWLEY, LA – A husband and wife were killed in a crash with a BNSF train in Crowley, LA on Friday, October 8, 2010. The couple was in a passenger car and were killed by the oncoming train after failing to yield while trying to cross the tracks.

Passenger car involved in fatal train crash where two people were killed on Friday, October 8, 2010 in Crowley, Louisiana.

Crowley is in Acadia Parish, Louisiana in the southern-central part of the state about 25 miles west of Lafayette and about 79 miles southwest of Baton Rouge.

The accident happened about 4:00 a.m. early Friday morning when it was still dark at the railroad crossing at Highway 90 and Sidney Richard Road.


The train was traveling eastbound in the direction of Lafayette, LA at the time of the accident. It appears that the point of impact was on the driver’s side of the car and that the passenger car was traveling north on Sidney Richard Road about to make a turn onto Highway 90.

The train was traveling about 64 miles per hour and was enroute back to the yard in Lafayette after dropping off several cars in Midland. The impact pushed the car about a half mile down the tracks.

The victims were identified as 28 year-old Joshua Feverjean from Kaplan and 37 year-old Natalie Feverjean from Crowly, LA. They were both pronounced dead at the scene. There were no reports of any injuries to any railroad workers.

The accident occurred at a rural railroad crossing that does not have warning lights or crossing arms, but this is typical of most rural railroad crossings and drivers must not expect warning lights or crossing arms at these kinds of crossings.

Location of fatal train accident in Crowley, LA on October 8, 2010 at the railroad crossing at Highway 90 and Sidney Richard Road.

In a news video from News Channel 10 KLFY, Acadia Parish Sheriff Wayne Melancon stated that it is up to the driver to take responsibility when approaching a railroad crossing. In the news video Melancon says, “Stop at all crossings. Look both ways. Turn your music down … Make sure it is safe before you cross the tracks.”

Melancon also said that local law enforcement does not have the authority to decide whether or not warning signals need to be placed at these intersections and that those decisions would be made by the railroad and possibly the Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD), but remarks that he was not positive about that.

Below is a Google street view of the railway crossing at Highway 90 and Sidney Richard Road. You can click the mouse and drag it around to get a full 360° view of the intersection.

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The Sheriff’s office were alerted to the accident at about 4:00 a.m. on Friday when it received a call from a BNSF dispatcher alerting them to the accident. Fire and Rescue from Crowley were called to scene.

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