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MADISON, TN – A man was walking in the middle of the tracks and was struck and killed by a CSX train in Madison, TN on September 26, 2011.

Police in Madison, TN investigate the death of 18 year-old James Grogan, who was struck from behind by an oncoming CSX train on September 26, 2011 while walking in the middle of the tracks. Officials believe he was listening to earphones at the time.

Madison is located in Davidson County, Tennessee in the north-central part of the state. Madison is a neighborhood in northeast Nashville and is about 9 miles northeast of downtown Nashville.


The accident happened around 11:20 a.m. near the corner of Pierce Road and Shannon Ave. along North Gallatin Pike in Madison.

Map showing location of fatal pedestrian accident with CSX train in Madison, TN near the corner of Pierce Road and Shannon Ave along the tracks near North Gallatin Pike.

The victim was identified as James Grogan, 18 years old, from Nashville. Grogan was wearing earphones and apparently could not hear the train approaching from behind. He must have felt the vibration because he turned and looked back but it was too late and could not get out of the way of the train.

The northbound CSX train was about a mile long and was moving about 40 to 50 mph at the time. The conductor blew the train’s whistle several times to get the man’s attention, but there was no reaction from Grogan.

The victim was thrown about 50 yards from the point of impact and then the train came to a stop. Officials are investigating the incident as an accident. They believe that the victim was listening to earphones and may not have heard the train coming.

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