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ROCK ISLAND COUNTY, IL – Andrew Schulte, a former Iowa Interstate Railroad train employee, was awarded $33 million in damages by a Rock Island County jury last Thursday for a tragic accident that occurred in a Rock Island rail yard in April 2007.

According to the lawsuit, Schulte was trying to pull a pin on a rail car while walking alongside a train on a switching lead. The lawsuit states that the pin lifter stuck, causing Schulte to trip and fall, at which point he was struck and run over by a rail car.

Schulte sued Iowa Interstate Railroad after he underwent double-amputation of both his legs and suffered the loss of his bowels. Both of Schulte’s legs were amputated, with the right leg reattached above the knee to the hip. He also went under multiple surgeries.

The allegations were that Iowa Interstate Railroad failed to maintain a safe place to work, failed to have a proper lookout, violated safety rules, failed to properly train Schulte and failed to properly construct, inspect and maintain the rail yard walkway.

The jury awarded Schulte $10 million each for loss of a normal life and disfigurement, $6.3 million for pain and suffering, $4.2 million for medical expenses and $2.5 million for the value of his earnings and benefits.

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