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MONROE TOWNSHIP, PA – A Norfolk Southern train derailed on September 12, 2013 after a crash with a tractor trailer in Monroe Township, PA. Monroe Township is located in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania in the southern central part of the state about 17 miles southwest of Harrisburg.

Debris from a shattered concrete beam covers the front of a Norfolk Southern locomotive that collided with a tractor-trailer in Monroe Township, PA on September 12, 2013. Photo credit: Jason Malmont/The Sentinel

Debris from a shattered concrete beam covers the front of a Norfolk Southern locomotive that collided with a tractor-trailer in Monroe Township, PA on September 12, 2013. Photo credit: Jason Malmont/The Sentinel

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LANCASTER, PA. — A Norfolk Southern train derailed on Sunday, April 14, on the overpass that runs over the Harrisburg Pike in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The accident occurred shortly after noon on Sunday. According to Lancaster City Police Sgt. Ray Corll, the train car that caused the derailment was carrying paper and derailed a short distance from RR Donnelley, a print company that also provides other services.

There were no injuries reported at the time of the accident and traffic was not affected.

The incident remains under investigation at this time.

Blog post by Gordon, Elias & Seely, a FELA lawyer and Pennsylvania railroad injury lawyer who publishes train accidents and FELA legal news from across the United States.

BELL TOWNSHIP, PA. — A Norfolk Southern freight train partially derailed after colliding with a tractor trailer on Tuesday Feb 5, in Bell Township Pennsylvania.

Photo Credit: KDKA News

Photo Credit: KDKA News

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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — A train derailment occurred 9 a.m. on Friday morning, Oct 12, near Long’s Park that shut down Harrisburg Pike up to President Avenue for about an hour.

A Norfolk Southern train derailed in Lancaster, PA on October 12, 2012 on a section of track between Harrisburg Pike and Manheim Pike near Long's Park.

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SOMERSET COUNTY, Pa. — A 53-foot-long tractor trailer carrying mail was sliced in half by an oncoming CSX train on Monday, Sept 24, at a railroad crossing in Somerset, Pennsylvania due to an impatient trucker who thought he could out run the train.

A semi trailer hauling US Mail was cut in two after a crash with a CSX train in Somerset Township, PA on September 24, 2012. Mail was scattered for miles. According to the USPS, there was no First Class or Express Mail in the truck and that it was carrying 3rd class and bulk mail only.

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PITTSBURGH, Penn. — a Norfolk Southern train collided with a tractor trailer on Thursday, August 9,  in East Pittsburgh.

A Norfolk Southern train crashed into a tractor trailer that was stuck on the tracks at the Main Street rail crossing next to the Tri-Boro Expressway in East Pittsburgh, PA on August 9, 2012. Photo credit: Justin Merriman / Tribune-Review

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UPPER MERION, Pa. — A railroad worker, employed by the Brandywine Valley Railroad Co., was killed on Saturday, May 19, when an 1,800-pound roll of newsprint fell from a boxcar at the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News Schuylkill Printing Plant, crushing the victim to death.

A railroad worker was killed on May 19, 2012 after being crushed by huge roll of paper at the Daily News Printing Plant in Upper Merion, PA.

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LATROBE, PA -  Norfolk Southern railroad workers arrived Thurday morning, March 3, to begin clearing debris after a large section of a retaining wall that supports railroad tracks at the intersection of Jefferson and Railroad streets in Latrobe collapsed. Latrobe ia approximately 50 miles from Pittsburgh.

Norfolk Southern workers arrive to cleanup debris from a collapsed retaining wall along the railroad bridge over Jefferson Street on March 3 in Latrobe. PHOTO : Eric Schmadel | Tribune-Review

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that the retaining wall, built in 1901, collapsed late Wednesday night, but it wasn’t reported until Thursday morning, City Manager Rick Stadler said. No one was injured, and no property was damaged. Officials shut down the roadway and blocked off a wide area around the remaining wall. ... Read More

HARRISBURG, PA – The driver of a passenger car was sent to the hospital after an accident with a Norfolk Southern freight train in Harrisburg, PA on Thursday, January 27, 2011.

Car accident with Norfolk Southern freight train on Thursday, January 27, 2011 sends man to hospital in Harrisburg, PA. Photo credit: Matt Miles

Harrisburg is in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania in the central part of the state about 206 miles southeast of Pittsburgh and about 105 miles northwest of Philadelphia.
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FLEETWOOD, PA – A 19 year old Fleetwood resident was struck and killed at a railway crossing in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania by a Norfolk Southern train on May 25, 2010.

View of rail crossing at West Locust Street and South Richmond Street in Fleetwood, Pennsylanvia near the F.M. Brown’s Sons Inc. flour and feed mill silos.

The incident occurred at about 5 p.m. Tuesday, just west of the Main Street and Richmond Street railroad crossing near South Chestnut Street. The victim was identified as Ian Sanders, 19 years old, of South Franklin Street in Fleetwood. ... Read More

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