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EVANS, CO – On Monday, October 4, 2010 a Union Pacific train that was pulling 125 grain cars derailed in Evans, Colorado. The derailment site was about 4 miles west of the towns of La Salle and Evans.

Site of Union Pacific train derailment in Evans, CO on Monday, October 3, 2010. Photo credit: Mike Peters/Greeley Tribune

Evans is in Weld County, Colorado in the northern part of the state about 2.3 miles northeast of La Salle about 4.7 miles southeast of Greeley and about 13.5 miles northeast of Milliken.

The derailment occurred just before 4:00 p.m. on Monday near the intersection of County Roads 31 and 394 in Evans. The train was from nearby Milliken, CO on its way to Texas when four of the cars derailed and then rolled off the tracks and down a slope.

Location of Union Pacific train derailment near County Roads 31 and 394 in Evans, CO.

Fortunately, no railroad workers or anyone else were injured in the mishap.

After the derailment the industrial track between La Salle and Milliken was closed while rail crews repaired the tracks and removed the damaged rail cars and parts. About 120 feet of tracks had to be replaced due to the mishap.

There were dozens of workers involved in the recovery, repair and cleanup efforts.

The plan was to remove the wheels and other parts from the rail cars rather than set them back on the tracks. The parts would then be transported from the derailment site either by other rail cars or by truck.

The accident is currently under investigation.

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