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CHAPMANVILLE, WV – On Friday, October 8, 2010, a CSX coal train derailed just north of Chapmanville, WV along a section of track that runs alongside State Route 10, dumping tons of coal onto the roadway.

Tons of coal spills onto State Route 10 in Chapmanville, WV in October 8, 2010 CSX train derailment

Chapmanville is in Logan County, West Virginia in the southwestern part of the state about 10 miles north of Peach Creek and about 45 miles southwest of Charleston.

The 150 car train was hauling coal and was heading from Russell, KY to Bill Creek, WV. It had just been loaded at Peach Creek, WV only a few minutes south of Chapmanville when it derailed about a quarter past 5 in the morning just outside the town’s corporate limits near the Logan County Country Club.

Location of CSX coal train derailment just north of Chapmanville, WV on Friday, October 8, 2010.

Fortunately, no railroad workers or residents were injured in the accident and there were no vehicles on the road that were involved. There were no houses across the road but the derailment came close the Mayor’s house. The last car landed about 50 feet from Chapmanville Mayor Jerry Price Junior’s house. That was close.

The Mayor said that around 5:30 in the morning he and his wife heard a train slowing down near their house, then no sound, and then a horrible sound of crashing metal.

The section of tracks where the derailment occurred runs right alongside State Route 10. Between 21 and 24 coal cars jumped the tracks and dumped coal onto the highway. Each rail car holds about 100 tons of coal.

The derailment made a mess. There were tons of coal, twisted metal and heavy machinery blocking State Route 10.

Route 10 was closed between Chapmanville and Big Creek while crews worked to clear the tracks and the highway and cleanup the area. Route 10 was expected to reopen on Saturday.

A spokesperson from CSX said that the train was moving 2 miles per hour less than the posted speed limit. It was going 28 mph in a 30 mph zone. The derailment is currently under investigation. CSX officials do not know the cause of the accident.

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