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KANSAS CITY, MO – Two BNSF trains derailed on October 7, 2010 after colliding with each other in Platte County, Missouri just south of the Buchanan County line.

Two BNSF trains collide near Kansas City, MO on Sunday October 7, 2010 causing several cars and two locomotives to derail. Photo credit: Scott Canon

Kansas City is in Platte County Missouri in the northwestern part of the state about 247 miles northwest of St Louis.

The accident happened about 40 miles north of Kansas City, MO on the tracks that run alongside the 24000 block of Northwest 45 Highway. The site of the derailment was just 30 feet from the highway about 75 yards across the way from Pat’s Steak House.

Both trains were traveling northbound at the time on Sunday morning. The lead train pulled onto a side track that runs parallel to the mainline. It was cleared to backup onto the mainline when, around 10:30 a.m., it was rear-ended by the second train approaching from the south.

Location of BNSF train derailment about 40 miles north of Kansas City, MO in Platte County, Missouri just south of the Buchanan County line.

Reports vary but either one or two locomotives from the train that was approaching from the south plus five of the empty grain boxcars from the lead train derailed in the mishap. There were 110 empty boxcars being pulled by the lead train and there were 78 empty ethanol tank cars being pulled by the other train.

It has been reported that 2 people sustained injuries as a result of the incident. The reports did not specify if the injured people were railroad workers or not.

Diesel fuel was leaking as a result of the crash said the biggest concern was stopping the diesel fuel leaking from the engine and keeping traffic moving along 45 Highway.

It is unclear why the train that was coming from the south was not aware that its path was being blocked. The crew tried to stop but couldn’t slow down quickly enough to avoid the accident.

The mishap is currently under investigation. The extent of damage to the cars or track has not been determined yet.

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