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PAXTON, TX – According to Sheriff Newton Johnson of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, a Union Pacific train derailed on Sunday morning, March 25 at approximately 8:51 a.m on Highway 84 in Paxton, Texas.

Rail tanker lays upside down in a ditch alongside the tracks that run next to Highway 84 after a Union Pacific train derailment in Paxton, TX on Sunday, March 25, 2012. Photo: Scott Flowers

The city of Paxton is located in Shelby County, Texas in the eastern part of the state about 184 miles northeast of Houston and 42 miles northeast of Nacogdoches.

The derailment occurred on the rail line that runs alongside Highway 84 about half way between the small towns of Tenaja and Jaoquin, TX – about 4 to 5 miles between.

Map shows location of a Union Pacific train derailment on a track running next to Highway 84 about about half way between the small towns of Tenaja and Jaoquin, TX.

It was feared that a tanker might be leaking as a result of the derailment so Union Pacific requested assistance at 10:10 a.m.

Sheriff Johnson said, “My dispatcher called out the Joaquin and Tenaha Fire Departments, and I responded with one of my deputies. We checked it out and there was a tanker that was completely turned upside down, but there was no leak in the tanker.”

Union Pacific began making preparations to clear the track once they determined there was no risk to people in the area.

Union Pacific Railroad workers arrived with heavy equipment and worked through the day to clear the debris from the railway, while Sheriff Johnson and his deputies worked traffic control on Highway 84.

The scene was cleared by 5:15 p.m. No injuries were reported as a result of the derailment.

The accident remains under investigation at this time.

Source: Light and Champion

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