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SANGER, TX — reports that the last two cars of a BNSF freight train derailed on Thursday afternoon, Dec. 13, near Krum Jackson Cemetery in Texas.

At least two cars of a southbound BNSF train derailed in Sanger, TX on December 13, 2012 where a single track splits off into two lines. Part of the train went on one line and the last two cars went on the other. Photo credit: David Minton/DRC

The accident occurred at about 1:15 p.m. Thursday just north of Krum near Rector Rd and FM 156 in Sanger where the last two cars from a BNSF Railway freight train derailed.

Map showing location of BNSF train derailment near Rector Rd and Farm to Market 156 in Sanger, TX on December 13, 2012.

According to Capt. Brad Sebastian, Krum firefighters responded to reports that refrigerant may have been leaking from one of the cars, but found no spill or other hazardous materials when they arrived at the scene.

Sebastian told the media that after looking at the scene, it appeared that a railroad worker may have thrown a switch early where the tracks go from one line to two.

“The last two cars went to the left side while the rest of the train was on the right side,” Sebastian said. “It (the train) carried them slowly down the line until the curve and then it yanked right off.”

One car was overturned. The other car, while derailed, was still upright when firefighters arrived, he said.

There were no injuries reported at the time of the incident. reports:

This is the second time this year a train has derailed near Krum.

On July 22, seven cars of a 37-car freight train heading southbound from Tulsa, Okla., to Fort Worth derailed near Krum Jackson Cemetery. That derailment damaged trees, but no injuries were reported.

Those cars were carrying sand.

The incident remains under investigation at this time.

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