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GREAT FALLS, MT – Walter Breuning is a retired railroad worker living in Great Falls, Montana and recently was given the title of “World’s Oldest Man” by the Guinness Book of World Records. Breuning was a clerk for the BNSF Railway Company (Burlington Northern Santa Fe).

Retired railroad worker, Walter Breuning, is world's oldest living man.

Breuning was born on born Sept. 21, 1896 in Melrose Minnesota and moved to Great Falls in 1918 with the expansion of the railroad. He worked in the railroad business for 50 years and now lives in a retirement home in Great Falls where he recently celebrated his 114th birthday on Tuesday, September 21, 2010.

Breuning shares stories about his life that spans over three centuries in an exclusive interview which can be seen on YouTube in which questions were gleaned via the Internet from individuals around the world.


Breuning says that in the early 1900s, the only transportation was horses and the Chicago Northwestern Railroad. He says the houses at that time were lit by kerosene lamps and had no electricity, no running water and no bathrooms.

Breuning had more stories about the railroad. He said his early years on the railroad were tough. There was a drought at that time and livestock were lost due to a shortage of feed. He recalled that hundreds of railroad workers were laid off because of a decline in cargo volumes.

Many people wish to know the secret of his longevity and Mr. Breuning graciously shares his advice for young people and for people wanting to live a long and happy life. He believes that diet is important. He eats only two meals per day and keeps physically active.

He says people should be kind to each other and should be helping other people. He says that the more you do for other people, the better you’re going to help yourself.

His outlook on life most certainly contributes to his well being. He says that every day is a good day and people should make it that way.

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