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SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY. – The Courier Journal reported that Ricky Davis, a 51-year old Cincinnati, Ohio truck driver has been charged with wanton endangerment by a Bullitt County grand jury.

As emergency workers sifted through the wreckage on June 30, neighbors who live near Coral Ridge Road were able to watch. Photo Credit: Charlie White, The Courier-Journal

The Ohio truck driver was indicted on accusations who county police believe damaged the CSX tracks moments before a train derailed there in late June in central Kentucky during the summer.

Ricky Davis, 51, was charged this month with felony wanton endangerment for causing a risk to the lives of a CSX engineer and conductor.

Seventeen cars of the 48-car CSX train, which were carrying more than 200 new automobiles, derailed June 30 off Ky. 1020 (Coral Ridge Road) between East Blue Lick and West Blue Lick roads.

NEW 5 reports:

The derailment occurred June 30 off Kentucky 1020 and involved 17 cars of the 48-car CSX train, which was carrying new automobiles.

The newspaper report did not specify what Davis is accused of doing to the tracks.

There were no railroad worker injuries reported at the time of the incident.

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