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WEST VALLEY CITY, UT – A bicyclist was killed by a TRAX commuter train in a horrific accident in West Valley City, UT on Monday, November 7, 2011.

TRAX train at the Redwood Junction station following a fatal accident where a 57 year old passenger was killed while changing trains. Photo credit:

West Valley City is located in Salt Lake County, Utah in the north-central part of the state about 11 miles southwest of Salt Lake City.

The accident occurred around 6:50 a.m. at the Redwood Junction station located just west of Redwood Road on 2770 South (1740 W. Research Way).

Map showing location of fatal TRAX train accident at the Redwood Junction station located at 1740 W. Research Way and Redwood Road.

The victim was identified as Clarence Shafer, 57 years old, from Murray City, UT. Shafer fell from the train platform and was killed while changing trains at the TRAX station.

None of the other passengers were hurt and there were no railroad workers injured in the incident.

The Salt Lake Tribune website reports:

(Shafer) was apparently trying to change trains at a West Valley City TRAX station when he fell from the platform between two train cars. He ended up underneath the train as it departed, resulting in his death

The TRAX train (UTA Transit Express) was a westbound Green Line train that runs from downtown Salt Lake City to West Valley City.

Witnesses say Schafer was riding in the train and had become frustrated when he realized he was on the wrong train. He got off at the station with his bicycle and was on the platform when he somehow became entangled in the wheels of the train while it was leaving the station.

It was shocking for other passengers. One of the passengers who got off safely was walking away and turned back to see the train pass. Schafer’s bicycle collapsed on the platform and the victim was caught between the train and the platform as it was leaving.

The UTA setup a bus bridge to transport passengers around the accident site while police and officials investigated the scene.

Officials are alarmed at the high number of fatalities involving a UTA train. This was the fifth fatality so far this year.

The cause of the accident is not known at this time and is currently under investigation. The UTA is planning to study a surveillance video to try to determine what caused the accident.

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