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BARTON COUNTY, Mo. — Two railroad workers were taken to a local hospital from injuries sustained after Kansas City Southern and BNSF trains collided in Barton County, Missouri.

Two railroad workers were injured in a collision between a BNSF train and a Kansas City Southern train in Barton County, MO on July 21, 2012. Wreckage and debris were heaped in a pileup of locomotives and rail cars.

The accident occurred at a signal interlocker about a mile north and east of Mulberry sometime Saturday afternoon on July 21, 2012.

Map showing location of a collision between 2 freight trains in Barton County, MO about a mile northeast of Mulberry, KS on July 21, 2012.

Reports say that the KCS train was heading northbound and struck the BNSF train, but not head-on. Officials told the media that two trains, five locomotives and 18 rail-cars derailed in the crash. reports:

Sources said the KCS engineer and conductor were taken to local hospitals. Conductor Grant Moore, KCS, was taken to Via Christi Hospital. Via Christi representatives were unable to be reached about Moore’s status by press time, but injuries were believed to be non-serious. The engineer, Terry Spurling, was taken from the scene by helicopter to a Joplin hospital. Hospital officials said he was later discharged.

Haz-Mat crews were on the site by 7 p.m. and crews from Hulcher Services Inc. and RJ Corman Derailment Services were on site to begin cleanup with heavy equipment.

The cause of the incident remains under investigated at this time.

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