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NILES, Mich. — On Sunday, Oct. 21, an Amtrak train traveling from Chicago to Pontiac, Michigan derailed about 2 miles east of Niles. Amtrak representatives said no life-threatening injuries were reported.

A rail from the train tracks is seen jutting out next to a passenger car in an Amtrak train derailment just northeast of Niles, MI on October 21, 2012.

The Chicago Times reported that the accident occurred around 9:10 pm local time just 80 miles north of the Indiana state line. The media said that 174 passengers and four crew members were on board the derailed train and about 12 people were taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

Map showing location of Amtrak train derailment about one half mile north of the Jerry Tyler Memorial Airport in Niles, MI near Renaissance Dr and Terminal Rd on October 21, 2012.

All passengers and crew were evacuated from the train and transported from the scene.

The incident remains under investigation at this time.

Posted by Gordon, Elias & Seely, a FELA lawyer and Michigan railroad injury lawyer who publishes train accidents and FELA legal news from across the United States.

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