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WELLINGTON, KS — The town of Wellington, Kansas, has rallied around Kevin Beggs, 45, a well-known resident of Wellington. Beggs, a BNSF railroad employee, was injured over a month ago on July 9, 2013, when he was pinned under the wheels of a rail car with critical injuries to his lower legs. It took 45 minutes to extricate him from under the rail car.

Photo shows injured BNSF railroad worker, Kevin Beggs (middle), three weeks after the train accident. Also in the photo (left to right) are: Molly Beggs, Andrew Schipley, Elliot Beggs, Kevin Beggs, Melinda Schipley-Beggs, Daniel Schipley, Jackson Beggs and Beth Gaston.

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MCPHERSON COUNTY, KANSAS 9TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT – Railroad injury lawyer, Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP, represent a 46-year old railroad worker from San Antonio, Texas, who was performing his duties as a conductor/engineer while in the employment of Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad, when he was caused to suffer physical injuries due to the negligence of Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad.

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MCPHERSON, KS. – Two empty tanker cars fell off the tracks after a train derailed on Friday morning, Feb.17, on a spur of the Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad between Woodside and Euclid streets in McPherson.

Rail car being lifted following Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad train derailment in McPerson, KS on February 17, 2012. Photo credit: Ken Ward/McPherson Sentinel

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TOPEKA, KS – Thirty-two rail cars jumped the tracks in a massive Union Pacific train derailment in Topeka, KS on Monday, November 14, 2011.

Union Pacific coal cars piled up like an accordion along the bank of the Kansas River in a 32-car train derailment on Monday, November 14, 2011 just northeast of downtown Topeka, KS.

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EMMETT, KS – A Union Pacific train derailed in Emmett, Kansas on Monday, September 5, 2011 spilling about 5,600 tons of coal and demolishing a rail bridge.

Photographs of the bridge over Cross Creek in Emmett, Kansas before and after the Union Pacific coal train derailment virtually demolished the bridge and spilled about 5,600 tons of coal.

Emmett is located in Pottawatomie County, Kansas in the northeastern part of the state about 35 miles northwest of Topeka. ... Read More

ABILENE, KS – Elmer “Butch” Hulse, 59, of Wakarusa, a worker for Union Pacific Railroad, was killed when a 1995 Ford passenger car struck his pickup Sunday afternoon, August 28, when the cross arms didn’t come down at an intersection just east of Abilene.

Rail crossing in Abilene, KS just south of Old U.S. 40 where a Union Pacific railroad worker was killed on August 28, 2011. The victim was traveling westbound in a pickup truck fitted with wheels for railroad tracks when it was struck at the rail crossing by a passenger car traveling southbound on Jeep Rd.

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EMPORIA, KS – The death of a pedestrian that occurred early Wednesday, Aug 17, on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad tracks, may have been the result a drag racing incident outside of Emporia, according to KVOE News.

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WHITEWATER, KS – The driver of a semi truck was killed after colliding with a Union Pacific freight train on Kansas Highway 196 (K-196) near Whitewater, Kansas on Tuesday, August 10, 2010.

Semi truck driver killed after colliding with Union Pacific freight train near Whitewater, KS

Whitewater is in Butler County, Kansas in the south-central part of the state about 133 miles southwest of Topeka, about 30 miles northeast of Wichita, about 122 miles southwest of Manhattan and about 50 miles southeast of Hutchinson. ... Read More

CALDWELL, KS – A Union Pacific train was stuck on a sagging bridge over the Chikaskia River on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 in southern Sumner County just a few miles northeast of Caldwell and about 13 miles southwest of Wellington, Kansas.

Union Pacific train with 66 cars and two locomotives were stranded for hours on a bridge over the Chikaskia River just north of Caldwell Kansas

Caldwell is in Sumner County, Kansas in the southern central part of the state near the Oklahoma border about 28 miles southwest of Wellington, about 248 miles southwest of Kansas City, about 60 miles southwest of Wichita and about 193 miles southwest of Topeka. ... Read More

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