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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has ordered Union Pacific to pay more than $615,000 based on a finding by federal authorities that the company fired two workers, and suspended another, in retaliation for reporting workplace safety concerns and a work-related injury.

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SUGAR CREEK, MO – It was around 1:00 am Saturday morning, July 3, when a witness reported a train derailment in Sugar Creek, Missouri. Seventeen cars derailed and six cars overturned. One car that carried a chemical called Toluene was ignited which caused the rail car to explode.

BNSF train stopped on the tracks along the highway after 17 cars derailed in Sugar Creek, MO

Fiery inferno following an explosion after 17 car BNSF train derailment in Sugar Creek, MO

“The tank was filled with animal fat,” said Police Chief, Herb Soule. ... Read More

SWEDEBORG, MO — On April 6, 2010, a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train derailed around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, forcing the evacuation of Pulaski County elementary school children. The train derailment occurred in Swedeborg near the intersection of Highway T and Missouri Route 133.

Troop I of the Missouri Highway Patrol reported that 15 cars were off the tracks and that 8 of those were on their sides. ... Read More

ALEXANDRIA, MO – Freight cars from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway BNSF derailed in Alexandria, Missouri on Saturday, March 27, 2010 at about 2:30 pm. The railway cars were carrying coal from Wyoming and were heading to the St. Louis area. The derailment involved 22 out of the 135 cars on the train that included 3 engines. Fourteen railway cars were mangled in the derailment.

22 cars involved in Alexandria, MO train derailment. Photo credit: Steve Bohnstedt/Herald-Whig

According to Steve Forsberg, a spokesman from the BNSF Railway, the cause of the derailment has not been determined. Forsberg is the general director of public affairs for BNSF. ... Read More

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